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The next big thing in gaming is coming from Taas

The Taas Technology, a company that makes 3D printed glasses for gamers, is going big with the Taas Glass,... Read More

Facebook says ‘we’re not going to be doing it for you’ as it makes deals with tech companies

The social media giant is reportedly preparing to make its own deals with technology companies in an attempt to... Read More
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Intel to sell off 4,000 jobs, including 3,600 in Seattle

The chipmaker is considering selling its Seattle-area chipmaker facilities to a private equity firm, an executive briefed on the... Read More
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What’s the new hologram technology, the next milestone technologies

The next milestone in wearable technology may be the technology that lets you control your devices, and it might... Read More
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VA’s VR platform gets more tech support

Tech News article The new VA platform, named VTOL (Virtual Operating System), is aimed at helping veterans access VA... Read More
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How to be a tech entrepreneur and start your own company

Technology entrepreneur and entrepreneur of startups, Mark Zuckerberg, is known for his leadership skills and for his entrepreneurial mindset.However,... Read More

Raytheon Technologies shares up -11% on ‘surgical innovation’

Raytheun Technology is up 1% to $38.90.Raytheon shares have climbed about 40% since March and are up about 40%-50%... Read More

Which tech companies are most likely to get a boost in 2020?

With the presidential election just days away, tech companies face a major decision: do they expand or close operations?That... Read More