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How to use a Jumia Technology stock to make money on your home security system

Tech stocks have been a hot commodity for investors lately, as many investors have found themselves with high valuations.However,... Read More

What’s next for the world of digital technologies?

Technology has made its way into the lives of many people across the globe.In Australia, technology has been a... Read More
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How to Invest in the Lorex Technology Stock: The Basics

In December, the company announced it was buying the popular Lorex smart thermostat.Its main competitors in the smart thermo-flux... Read More
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Jumia Technologies’ stock price jumps as CEO says it’s a ‘game changer’

Jumias tech-focused hardware firm has climbed as it’s announced that CEO James P. Buehler has resigned amid a shake-up... Read More
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Tech giants mulling ‘religious freedom’ for apps in US, Canada

Tech giants are mulling whether they want to become religious entities in the United States and Canada, as the... Read More

What’s the latest technology to disrupt the retail industry?

Posted October 07, 2018 06:38:37A couple of weeks ago, the stock of electronic music-streaming services like Spotify and Rdio... Read More
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How to buy stock on the stock market using algorithms

What is an algorithm?An algorithm is a process that takes a large number of facts about a topic and... Read More

How to watch the 2017 NFL season online for free and in HD and in high definition with NFL Game Pass

There are lots of reasons why fans and analysts alike love to watch NFL games on a big screen.But... Read More