Facebook says ‘we’re not going to be doing it for you’ as it makes deals with tech companies

The social media giant is reportedly preparing to make its own deals with technology companies in an attempt to bolster its own image.

A report in The Wall Street Journal claimed Facebook has agreed to make deals with big tech firms in a bid to boost its own digital presence and expand its reach in emerging markets.

The WSJ said Facebook is negotiating with companies like Twitter, Twitter Inc and Google to allow the company to buy more ads and services, while also acquiring companies in the tech sector like Amazon.

The Wall Street Post said Facebook had also begun to explore a deal with Instagram.

Facebook is currently owned by Twitter parent company Snap Inc.

The company said it is working with technology giants to expand its digital reach in countries such as India, where the number of people using its services has fallen.

“We have been working closely with leading technology companies to address the needs of our users and to further improve their experience,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement to Reuters.

Facebook said it had reached out to other tech companies to develop partnerships to expand the company’s digital reach.

“In some cases, we have reached out directly to existing and emerging technology companies,” the spokesperson added.

Facebook has been making aggressive moves in emerging economies, investing heavily in social media marketing in countries like Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and India.

It has also been experimenting with using AI to help its ads reach people and improve its user experience.

The news comes amid reports that the social media platform is also considering selling itself to Facebook for $19 billion.