‘Giant robots’ for military may be the next big thing

Giant robots could soon be used in the military, according to a new report from the Canadian Defense Research Board.

The board believes that the new technology is likely to be able to take out a battlefield within a matter of hours and is looking at using the technology in a variety of battlefield scenarios.

The report said that the technology has already been tested and proven in real combat scenarios.

One of the key problems, the report said, is that “no one can be certain of the effects of the technology on the battlefields, since the machines will be programmed with specific goals in mind.”

The military has used the robots in its battle simulations, and the Pentagon is already considering the use of them in the future.

But the report suggested that military planners are also thinking about using the robots for other purposes besides warfare.

“The report noted that military authorities have been considering the possibility of deploying robot infantry and air force units,” the report stated.

“The report further noted that the use, and potentially the deployment, of robotic forces would have the potential to provide a new type of mobility for troops in the field and would reduce the risk of human error during operations.”