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tar technologies has announced it will no longer support Oracle, Microsoft and Google’s Java virtual machine, as a result of the Java 8 release of the software.

Tar technologies has previously supported Java 8, but has since stopped supporting Oracle and Microsoft’s virtual machines.

Tar has also stopped supporting Google’s JDK 9 and Google Cloud Platform, which Oracle also discontinued in September.

Oracle stopped supporting Java 8 in January, after a software engineer who helped to develop the Java virtual machines used to run on Oracle’s servers died.

The company has since said that the Java security flaw was the result of a deliberate attempt to steal information from Oracle and Google.

Google’s Java 8 virtual machine is used to power Google’s Cloud Platform virtual machine.

Google and Oracle’s software are not the only ones that stopped supporting virtual machines that are no longer supported.

Apple announced that it would no longer be supporting the Java Virtual Machine, while Microsoft and VMware have both discontinued support for Oracle’s Java Virtual Machines.

Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware stopped supporting their Java Virtual machines in January.

The announcement comes as Java continues to struggle with the fallout from the Java Security Bug, which was exploited to steal data from Oracle.

A second Java security bug was released in October that could allow remote attackers to gain access to Oracle and other software, as well as their databases.