How to make your smartphone waterproof using Taas’ tech

Taas Technology, a Taiwanese tech startup that makes waterproofing products for smartphones, announced it will begin testing a waterproofing solution for the upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Taas announced its waterproofing technology, called Taas Nano, on Monday at its event in Singapore.

Taos Nano uses a special water-repellent compound called Nano-coated Carbon (NCC) as a coating to allow the smartphone to be water-resistant up to 2 meters, but not up to 6 meters.

The company says it hopes to eventually offer waterproofing to phones up to 9 meters in length.

Taas’ waterproofing tech uses an “organic carbon nanotube” nanosheet, which is similar to graphene, and is a type of organic polymer.

The Nano-Coated Carbon coating absorbs water and helps the smartphone be water resistant up to two meters, according to the company.

Nano coating is made up of two layers of carbon atoms and a water molecule, called a water-resistance layer, which absorbs water.

The carbon layer is thicker and therefore more difficult to remove by water-based chemicals, but Taas says it’s still able to absorb water up to a meter.

The water-resistive layer also helps the coating resist corrosion, which can cause water to stick to the nano-coating.NCC nanoshells are made from polycarbonate, which Taas calls its “smart material.”

The NanoCoatedCarbon technology is an improved version of Taas’s technology that Taas first introduced in 2015.

The new Nano-Carbon coating is slightly thicker than the Nano-Graphene coating and therefore, according Taas, more durable, but it also comes at a price.

The Taas Nanoshell technology uses NanoCoating, an organic polymer, to help water resist corrosion in smartphones.

The Nanosheets are made up by layers of a polycarbonates nanosheet (the same kind of material that you find in a water filter) and a polyester resin, and are manufactured using a process called polymerization.

Taes claims the NanoCoat coating is water- and moisture-resistant and can withstand up to 200 hours of normal use.

According to Taas CEO Yu Zhengming, NanoCoats are the future of smartphone waterproofing, which he said would be used for the new iPhone and other smartphones in the future.

“We believe that NanoCoates are a future technology that is much better than graphene,” he said.

“NanoCoats could be used in the next generation of smartphones, and we want to make it possible for you to get your smartphone to withstand even more than 3 meters of water.”

Taas is also testing a “Water Proofing Solution” for the iPhone 8 that can also withstand water, Taas said.

This is a “smart water-protecting device that is made using nanoCoats,” Taas added.

The company is currently testing a version of the Nano Coats waterproofing in a device called the Taas Waterproof iPhone X, which uses a version called Taos Waterproof Phone XS.

This water-proof iPhone is compatible with the Taos water-restrictor coating.

Taos is currently developing NanoCoators for other waterproofing devices, including the Taes Nano Power Power Charging Tablet, which allows users to charge their smartphones at up to 10 hours of charging on a single charge.

The iPhone X is set to release in October, and Taas plans to launch the Tais Nano Power Charger Tablet in early 2019.