How to stream NHL video with Maxar Technologies, the video streaming service company

Maxar Technology, the technology company behind the NHL video streaming platform, announced today that it has signed a $10 million deal with the NHL to build out its video content platform.

“Maxar Technology has been instrumental in providing the NHL with the ability to showcase its games to an ever-growing global audience, including fans around the world,” said Craig Button, president of hockey operations and operations for the NHL.

“The NHL’s growing content platform, with a wide variety of NHL video content available through its NHL app, continues to make a big difference to the NHL, fans, broadcasters, and advertisers.

We’re excited to expand on this relationship to further accelerate growth in video content for fans and broadcasters and to continue to drive the NHL’s growth in digital media.”

The NHL, which last month announced it would invest $20 million to bring the NHL app to the Apple Watch, was able to leverage Maxar technology because of its vast network of more than 80,000 employees in the NHL Media Group and its vast distribution network.

The NHL has already announced plans to launch its own video app and has signed on with MaxAR to help launch its video app in time for the 2017-18 season.

The deal with Maxarc Technologies builds on the existing partnership between Maxar and the NHL that began in March 2017, when Maxar partnered with the league to provide video-on-demand capabilities.

Maxar also partnered with NHL Player Engagement and the league’s digital media and digital platforms to develop video content on the app.

The company’s other video partners include NHL Network, the league and its broadcast partners.

Maxarc also provides video and analytics tools for the league.

The agreement with the NFL will help Maxar build a new video platform that will allow the NHL and its partners to offer the most compelling content to fans and broadcast partners around the globe.

Maxara Technology’s existing NHL video platform has been available since the beginning of the 2018-19 season, when it was powered by the NHL Network app.

Maxar also announced today a new digital partnership with the Toronto Maple Leafs, providing content and analytics from the team’s game broadcast network to the Maxar video app.

The new video content and data will be delivered to the league as part of the Leafs’ digital subscription.

The Maxar platform will be built in conjunction with NHL Media, which is the official platform of the NHL Players’ Association.

The league’s new digital platform will provide content and content analytics to NHL players and the players’ association, while also bringing analytics from NHL Media and NHL Players Business to the new Maxar.

The NFL’s video platform is currently the only NHL video service to offer NHL-branded content.