How to use Siri to order a pizza, Uber for $60 per minute “You don’t have to buy a phone to use the Apple Pay app, but you do need a phone, and you have to be willing to take the extra step of paying for the phone.”

-Apple Pay reader comments (2 comments)”You don�t have to purchase a phone or a credit card, but do.

You simply need to sign up for Apple Pay and sign up to your account, and then you can tap the ‘Pay Now’ button to make your payment, and it will be charged to your iPhone and then the card will be added to your Wallet, where you can pay.”

-The Verge reader comments “Apple Pay can be used for virtually any transaction, and while Apple Pay is available in the US, the app is only available for those in select countries around the world.

This is something we hope Apple can expand to other markets in the future.”

-HTC reader comments: “The fact that the payment method is only compatible with iPhones means it can be confusing to try out the new Apple Pay feature on your other phones, and this is especially true if you have a lot of other credit cards.”

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