LVMH is looking to sell some of its assets

LVMh is looking for partners to sell its assets, according to an email obtained by Gamasutra.

The email is dated October 29, 2017 and was sent by LVMhese’s global corporate communications director, David Abril.

LVMHC, which owns the LVM House brand, is the company behind the company’s luxury brands such as the Lumière Palace and LVM.

In the email, Abrils asks for proposals for possible divestitures of some or all of LVMHS assets in order to reduce the company and its portfolio.

He also suggests that LVMHR might consider selling some of the company assets, but only if LVMHT is willing to sell. 

LVMH’s corporate communications head, David Anbril, also asks for more information on the LUMIEMEX acquisition and for additional proposals on how to further increase its profitability, which would include a possible sale of its headquarters in Paris. 

Abril is listed as a partner in the email with the email address [email protected]

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.LVMh currently has around 40% of its equity held in the company, with its assets held in a series of publicly traded companies, including Citi, LVMHD Capital Management, LEM Group, and CIM Group.

The sale of LHM assets could allow the company to take advantage of the current stock market volatility.

LHM shares have been losing value over the last year as investors lose confidence in LVMHP’s future.

In addition to its flagship brands, LHM has an enterprise brand, the LEM House brand.

Its flagship product, the Bordeaux Luxe, is one of the best-selling luxury watches in the world, with a price tag of $2.4 million.

The email suggests that a divestiture of some of LHMs assets might be the only way to get the company back on its feet.

However, it is unclear whether the company is looking at this option.LHM currently has a $15.3 billion valuation, with LHM’s share price currently trading at $6.28.