Palantir Technologies to buy CriTech: Sources

By Michael GrunwaldPosted November 14, 2018 11:08pmPalantir is the most popular cloud computing provider, with more than 5 million customers and counting, according to its founder and CEO.

Its parent company, Palantar Technologies, has been valued at $25 billion.

The acquisition is part of the larger $60 billion acquisition spree Palantirs made this year.

The companies are working on some of the most ambitious deals in tech history, including a partnership with Twitter to deliver artificial intelligence.

In a statement on Monday, CEO Steve Bannon said the acquisition was a “great strategic move” that would help create “a global leader in analytics.”

Palantirs cloud services include Salesforce, the Salesforce app for iOS and Android, and the Sales Force mobile platform.

Palantiris cloud platform was recently acquired by Salesforce and will be developed in-house by Palantiris, a subsidiary of the company.

Bannon said the new company would provide Palantires “services to accelerate innovation and build an even greater platform for growth.”

It’s not the first time Palantrics technology has been used to compete in the cloud.

Last year, the company launched its new cloud-based analytics platform called CloudStack, which allows users to search for and manage data across a variety of organizations.

Palanteres cloud services are also supported by Amazon’s AWS cloud, and it will offer analytics and cloud-native development for its products, such as Salesforce analytics.