Raytheon to pay $1.6bn to settle allegations of fraud and false advertising

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Select a topic > All topics > Industry > Raytheons tech products RaytheON, a US-based defense contractor, is being investigated by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) for the alleged sale of advanced air defense systems to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Pakistan.

Raytheone announced that it had entered into a voluntary settlement with the US government.

RayTheon said it has been cooperating with the government for more than four years.

The DOJ announced it has launched an investigation into allegations that Raytheonic Technologies, which makes Raytheonal’s air defense system, sold military-grade weapons to Saudi Arabian Arabia, Israeli and Pakistan and falsely advertised the arms sales.

Ray Theon, Raytheony’s parent company, is one of the world’s largest defence companies.

The government investigation comes as the US military prepares to send US aircraft carriers to the Middle East and Europe.

Ray theon and its parent company have been under scrutiny for alleged military-linked sales to Pakistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Raythony and Raytheones parent company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a statement, Ray Theonian said it had conducted a “thorough investigation” and determined that the company’s activities did not violate any US laws.

“We have made it abundantly clear that our company has never knowingly sold or supplied any military-related products to any country in the Middle east,” the statement read.

“The company has also made clear it will vigorously defend itself against this matter.”

Ray Theone is the leading global air defense company, with the world over 40,000 air defense missiles in service worldwide.

The company’s AirShield missile defense system is the world leading air defense solution, with more than 6,000 interceptors deployed to almost 50 countries.

The Raytheonedic’s AirDefence system was the most successful air defense weapon system of the US Navy and Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm.

The US has been accused of selling weapons to Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan, as well as Saudi Arabia.

RayThony has denied any wrongdoing.

The investigation by the DOJ is ongoing.

The Justice Department’s complaint alleges that RayTheons sales of the AirShield to the Saudi government and Saudi Arabian Air Force violated US law, as it is “not acceptable to sell a product that may be considered an international crime of war.”

RayTheone said in a statement it was committed to cooperating fully with the investigation.

“RayTheon and RayTheonic Technologies will vigorously cooperate with all relevant authorities and we will continue to invest in our business and support our team of engineers and employees,” the company said.

RayTHEON said it will also cooperate with the DOJ in the future, including providing any additional information it may have.

The Department of Defense said the allegations were a “gross violation of US law” and will seek criminal charges.

“This is a serious matter for the Department of Defence, and we are working diligently to determine the facts,” a spokesperson said in response to questions from BBC Sport.

The statement continued: “Raytheon will fully cooperate with this investigation and will be fully transparent about our position on the allegations.”

The DOJ said it did not believe RayTheones claims that it did nothing wrong.

“While RayTheony has always maintained that it never knowingly violated US laws or US foreign policy, the company has consistently stated that it is the victim of a criminal conspiracy and that its actions were motivated by greed and political opportunism,” a statement from the DOJ read.

The department said it is not releasing any details about the investigation and has asked that the media not publish any of the company documents.

Ray Thony said in its statement that it has “never knowingly sold weapons to any state in the world.”

The company said it was not aware of any previous allegations involving Raytheoning.

Ray thony did not comment on the DOJ’s announcement.

The deal with the Justice Department came after RayTheonedon said in May that it would pay $900m to settle charges that it was involved in the purchase of the Israeli advanced air defenses system.

Ray THEON, the world leader in advanced air defence systems, said in March that it agreed to pay a $900 million settlement with US authorities after admitting that it purchased Israeli advanced radars for the United States.

Ray THONE, the leader in RayTheoning, announced it was selling the air defense radar system for $1,300 million to Saudi authorities in an effort to avoid potential conflicts in the region.

The sale was one of RayTheonics most controversial acquisitions.

The Israeli military accused RayThone of violating export control laws by acquiring the radar systems for a US company.

US officials said the US company had been violating the laws by buying radar systems from a company in Saudi Arabia for a sale that could not be legally made to any US military target.

The alleged violation by Ray Theony of export control