The next big thing in gaming is coming from Taas

The Taas Technology, a company that makes 3D printed glasses for gamers, is going big with the Taas Glass, a device that will be available this fall.

The company, which has previously made 3D printing glasses for other developers, is launching the Tais Glass this fall for $200.

The glasses will also come in a range of colors and materials.

Taas is also bringing its new smart glasses platform to the mobile market.

The Taas Platform, which is being called TaasGlass, lets users upload their own 3D models, and then the Taans engineers will create a 3D printable version of their models.

The Taans Glass is designed for users with an average or below-average amount of glasses in their head, and users can also add glasses for more people.

The glasses will come in several colors and will be able to be used with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Users will be asked to provide their own images, and Taas will then work with the user to create a printable 3D model of the wearer’s head.

The eyewear has already been designed and built by Taas engineers, and the glasses are expected to ship by fall.

The company is currently seeking a manufacturing partner, but the Glass will cost $200, which will cover the cost of materials and labor.

This is not the first time Taas has been investing in 3D-printed eyewears.

The firm’s first smart glasses, Taas Smart Eyewear, went on sale in late 2015, and it is expected to have a similar launch this fall, with the glasses being available for $20.

Taos Glass is the latest to go big with 3D printers, as the company announced a partnership with last year to produce a range the company believes will bring in more money to the eyewearing business.

Taas also announced a new business model, which aims to make its glasses cheaper and more accessible.

It will offer a range with a range, which includes an 8-pack of glasses that will cost only $15.

The eyeware will also be available as an upgrade to its other eyewares, which are available for around $100.

Taes glasses are being manufactured in Taas’s new factory in Germany.

The manufacturing facility, which the company opened in May, has an automated process for 3D design, and all Taas glasses are made with a high-quality resin and glass.

The process can be automated with Taas’ proprietary software, and customers will be provided with feedback before they order.

The Glass is expected be available in November and is expected at select retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Toys R Us.