The NFL’s Jumia Technologies says the next generation of sports technologies is coming

The next generation in sports technology is about to hit the NFL, and it’s coming from a company that has been a leading provider of the technology.

The Jumium Technology Group (JTGG) announced Wednesday it will be investing $1 billion in a new company called Luminar Technologies to create and sell sports-specific technology.JTgg said it will create a new, standalone business that will provide the NFL with the expertise and resources it needs to develop and sell advanced technologies for all types of sports.

“This investment will allow us to leverage the world-class talent we already have and leverage the industry’s most talented executives, engineers, and innovators to deliver advanced technology to the NFL,” said Greg Miller, CEO of JTGG.

“Luminar Technologies is a premier provider of advanced sports technologies for sports and entertainment companies.

It is also a leading developer of sports-based products.”

Luminars goal will be to develop technologies that enable professional athletes to be able to run, jump, and jump for real in games and at events, and improve the quality of play in games by allowing the players to do their jobs with greater comfort, safety, and effectiveness.

It will also be able help players and teams with the transition from a computer-based simulation environment to a real-world environment.

Jumia said it has been investing $400 million to create Luminar, and that the two companies will collaborate to develop technology for professional football and other sports.

Luminaries chief operating officer Jason Ralston said the goal is to help the NFL become a more dynamic and competitive organization, but he said it is also an opportunity to build a company with the necessary skills to help make that happen.

“The company will be developing a portfolio of sports specific technology to support the league in the areas of innovation, performance and security,” Ralstons statement said.

“We believe the technology will be an essential part of the NFL’s future.”JTogg has been in business for almost a decade.

It was founded by former University of Phoenix CEO Michael Dell, who was ousted as CEO of the company in February, and was acquired by the Philadelphia Eagles in December.

It now has more than a dozen employees in the United States and the company has more employees in other countries, including the U.K., the U, Australia and Singapore.

It recently signed an agreement with the NFL to build stadiums in Miami, Las Vegas and New York.

The announcement comes as NFL players, coaches and owners across the country continue to grapple with a concussion crisis that has seen nearly 2,400 people killed in the past five years, many of them in the NFL.

The league says there is no scientific proof that footballs are safer than other games, but the public has become increasingly concerned about the dangers of footballs.