Unity 3D Engine to become the default desktop engine in 2020

Posted October 07, 2020 08:16:22Unity 3D engine is about to become a default desktop app in 2020, as part of a new partnership between Unity and Microsoft.

The two companies will work together to bring the engine to desktop in 2020 and provide users with a “real time, real-time visual rendering experience” for apps and games.

The new partnership is the latest development in the growing collaboration between the two companies.

In August, Microsoft announced the “Next Generation Windows” project, an initiative to bring Windows 10 to mobile devices in 2020.

The goal of this initiative is to provide users a better experience for gaming, socializing, and other online activities.

The next generation of Windows 10 will be the most comprehensive and feature-rich operating system ever, with new features and enhancements that are built for both enterprise and consumer use.

In addition to the partnership with Microsoft, Unity and Unity Technologies will be collaborating on new content, including a new video series called “Unity 3.0.”

In addition, Unity announced a partnership with Disney Interactive to create a new “Star Wars”-themed game in 2019.