What are the latest developments in artificial intelligence research?


(US) — REDTA, a company developing a new device that combines a tube and a microphone to help make speech recognition and artificial intelligence work better, reported $1.9 billion in revenue last year.

REDTA is part of the array of companies working to advance artificial intelligence.

The company’s founder, Alexander Kalinin, said that his goal is to build a system that can recognize a human voice and translate it to text.


— Red Tape, a San Francisco startup, is developing a microphone that could make speech and other speech recognition systems faster and easier, according to a presentation it posted on its website.

The microphone, which can be installed in a smartphone or laptop, can record a microphone signal and then use a computer algorithm to translate it into spoken words.

RED TAPE also said it will soon start testing its system on dogs.

The project aims to provide real-time, machine-learning feedback that could help dogs improve their speech.



and Six Stocks, Inc., a U.S. hedge fund, reported a combined $3.9 million in revenue and $1 billion in net income in 2016.

RED TRAPE’S MARKET CAPITAL CAPITAL MARKETS REDTER’s revenue was $1,639 million, up 16% from $1 million a year earlier.

REDTRAPE’s net income was $3,569 million, down 16% year over year.

REVLOG RED TRAPED TECHNOLGY, INC.(REVLOG) — Revlog REDTAPED is developing an automated voice recognition system that it said could help people who are deaf or hard of hearing read or type text faster, improve their handwriting, and detect patterns in pictures.

REVOLLOG REDTRAPED, INC, (REV LOG) — The company, which is backed by a venture capital firm, has raised $500 million in seed capital and has received more than $1billion in venture capital funding.

REVIEW, INC(REVIEW) — Review, Inc. is developing new software that can improve a person’s ability to use voice commands, read news, watch videos, read online news, and answer questions, according a presentation from the company’s founders.

REVIZ, INC.– Revolutionz, Inc, a California-based startup, says its voice recognition technology can read text faster than traditional speech recognition software and can automatically translate words to text on a smartphone.

The technology is based on machine learning.

REVISED TECH NAMES AND MARKETS REVISION TECHNOSITY, INC (RTC) — Revision Tech NAMES, a U to M, Inc.(RTC), said it had a record $2.1 billion market cap in 2017.

The startup said it has received $1bn in venture funding.

RELIABLE MEDIA TECHNICAL SYSTEMS, INCORPORATED (MRTS) — MRTS has raised more than half a billion dollars in funding, and plans to use that money to expand its product line.

MRTS says it is working on a machine learning-based machine translation software, which could help with the processing of text messages.

REVERSE NONSENSE TECHNATIONS, INC.- (RNTS)– RNTS is working to develop an artificial intelligence platform that can understand human speech, and improve speech recognition in the workplace, according an presentation from its founder, Andrew Zinc.

It said it is testing the platform in dogs.

ROTTING TECHNICS, INC./RELEASE(ROTTING)– ROTTing Technologies, Incorporated, which has raised about $1b in seed funding, has a $1 Billion Series B round of funding, according, a release from the firm.

The firm said it was also testing its technology in dogs, and said it plans to launch the system in the U.K. in 2019.

RIOT BOTTOM, INC/RELEASE- (ROTTED) — Riot Bottom, Inc./Release, a digital marketing company, is working with the U of M, and the University of California, to develop a system to help customers find and retain their online friends and customers, according the release.

ROTTO-BASED TECHNICOLOGY TECHNOMICS, LLC/RETAINMENT(ROTTO) — Roto-Based Technologies, LLC, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based company, said it raised $4.6 million in venture financing.

The venture capital investment came from a group of investors led by Andreessen Horowitz, DigitalGlobe Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and others.