What’s in your water? Here are the latest news from across the pond:

The water crisis in the Pacific Northwest has been in the news recently.

In Seattle, where the state’s largest city is under a water restriction, residents are using bottled water to boil their tap water to stop the pollution.

In San Francisco, where California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency on Thursday, residents who use tap water for cooking and drinking are being told to boil water for three minutes to remove bacteria and prevent water from becoming contaminated.

In Tacoma, Washington, people are being urged to boil tap water and flush toilets if they notice a drop in pH, and some are using a method to reduce the risk of a chlorine burn.

The Washington Department of Health has also been in touch with local authorities, telling them that chlorine dioxide is present in some tap water supplies.

This is likely due to the use of a method called “chlorination scrubbing,” which uses chemicals to clean out the chlorine in tap water.

According to the Washington Department’s website, the state has some of the lowest rates of childhood leukemia and chronic bronchitis, among other illnesses.

However, the department warns that there are still a number of people in need of preventative care.

There have been reports of children dying in hot cars in the Puget Sound region and in remote areas of Washington state, according to NBC Washington.

The state is also working with federal agencies to determine whether it is safe for children to ride bicycles in the state, NBC Washington reported.