When RTE is ‘on the side of the people’

RTE has always been a bastion of the Irish people, but the company has made a point of saying that it’s also on the side for people living in rural areas, who have often been overlooked in the past.

That has meant that it has consistently been the first station on any given day when local media coverage of the region is the highest.

In recent years, RTE have had to step up its game in the face of the threat of digital media, and now, it is getting its own mobile service to help make that happen.

“We are delighted to be partnering with mobile network company RTE, who are already providing RTE coverage on mobile devices in the area,” said Rory O’Donoghue, General Manager of Irish Independent.

“This means that we are providing a localised, in-depth coverage of RTE to a new audience on our mobile app, which is a major step towards getting our own dedicated service up and running in the future.”

RTE will be bringing its mobile service, which will be available on the RTE website, to the area of Ballymurphy on April 4, but they will also be bringing the company’s local news, weather and sports content on mobile.

This will include a range of RTD shows and programs that will be carried by RTE’s local radio station, RUV, and will be distributed across the country on its mobile app.

“Local news and news on a daily basis, which are the bedrock of what we do, is absolutely vital to the community, and the RTD team is committed to making sure that the people of Baledagh and the surrounding area get access to that information,” said O’Donnell.

RTE said that the app will allow users to access a live feed of the company, which they will then be able to listen to on their phones.

It will also feature a local weather section, and local sport sections, as well as an in-house sports section, which RTE plans to bring to the market as a standalone product.

The mobile app will also include a section on RTE-affiliated organisations and their members, which include BallyMurphy RTE; Ballymoor Community Association; Bantry Regional Council; the Irish Water Company; RTE Community Action; and the Ulster Unionist Party.

In addition, the app also includes a section dedicated to the city of Blyth, where the RTP has its headquarters.

RRT will also have a section in the app dedicated to RTE events and activities in Ballycraig, Ballyfoyle and the Dungloe region.

“Our intention is that we can get RTE on mobile and into the community as quickly as possible, and that will help ensure that there is localised coverage of all our news and events on the local RTE platform,” said Mr O’Connell.

RTV has been a major contributor to the RTM news business for decades, but as the digital news market continues to grow, it has become increasingly difficult for local news to be seen on local TV or radio, especially if it involves a lot of regional issues.

It has been estimated that a third of all RTE content is local news content.

“That’s a very significant amount of content,” said Conor O’Sullivan, General Director of RTV.

“The local RTV team is working very hard to provide that content for everyone, and we’re delighted that RTE are keen to bring that content to a wider audience.”

The company is also launching a new digital app to be available for Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.