When will the new iPhone XS come out?

Posted January 08, 2019 06:13:50A lot of us are waiting for the new iPhones.

But what about when the new phone comes out?

That’s exactly what we have been waiting for, and now we have some good news.

The latest rumor is that Apple is working on a phone with a screen size of 16.3 inches.

The rumor comes from the latest edition of the Apple Daily iPhone Xs, which reports that the new handset will have a screen resolution of 16-inches.

While we don’t know much about the upcoming device, we do know that it will be the first phone to come with a quad-core processor.

We also know that Apple will use the processor to power the iPhone X, and that the phone will use “a very advanced form factor”.

It will be interesting to see how the new device fares against the iPhone 8 Plus, which has a 6.1-inch display and is expected to launch on February 6.

The iPhone X has already received its first batch of invites, and there are still some people who aren’t sure if it’s really the phone they want.

While Apple has promised the phone won’t be the iPhone’s biggest competitor, it will still have a lot of competition from Android devices.

It’s not out of the question for the iPhone to launch against an Android smartphone.

What are your thoughts on this new rumor?

Will you be buying the new Apple iPhone X?

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