Which is the best faith-based tech startup for young entrepreneurs?

A couple of months ago, a startup called Exela Technologies received a $300,000 funding round from an angel investor and a number of top tech firms including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox.

Exela was founded by a group of ex-tech pros in San Francisco who were tired of seeing technology used to marginalize their communities.

So, they decided to create a technology that would empower people to have their voices heard by technology companies.

They called it faith-enabled tech and launched in September 2016. 

Exela’s technology allows people to share their faith with the companies they choose.

It also allows people with disabilities to connect with them through the technology, and is powered by an open source software called God. 

A couple of weeks ago, Exela announced that it had raised $250,000 in seed funding from a number in the tech world including TechStars and the Sequoia Capital Fund.

The company is now looking for more funding to expand the tech ecosystem and continue developing the platform.

Exelas founder says the tech industry is going to be very different than it was 10 years ago. 

“We’re not a startup,” said Exela founder and CEO Ben Fischbach.

“We are a community, a community of believers, who believe the technology is there for us, to use it to empower people, and to share our faith with others.

We’re just trying to give them that platform.”

Exela has already seen some major successes.

Exelsión, a faith-powered tech app, has been downloaded more than 3 million times. 

The founders also believe that faith-led tech is going away.

They said they saw a lot of tech companies adopting religion-based platforms to promote their products.

“We are the first company in the world that has made this transition from religious to nonreligious, and we’re not going back to that,” said Fischbeck.

“This is a completely different experience for everybody, including people who are already using faith-focused technology to serve people.

We want to make sure that faith and technology can work in harmony.” 

Exelas technology is powered with a free online service called God, which allows users to send emails and tweets to their faith leaders, and it allows users with disabilities access to God through a service called Grace. 

For Fischbauer, Exela is about empowering people and making technology more inclusive.

He said that it will take time to change the way technology is used in the church and the culture.

“You can only change something as big as technology when you start with the people who already have it,” he said.

“There is no doubt about that.

I think the next 10 years are going to tell us what the world looks like when technology becomes a bigger part of the world.”