Why blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt banks

A lot of banks are already experimenting with blockchain technology, but some are making the leap into the wider world of cryptocurrency.

A new report from CoinDesk suggests that some of these companies are using cryptocurrency as a means of settling their legal debts.

CoinDesk analyzed data from a company called “Blockchain Capital” that tracks the blockchain transactions of thousands of bitcoin exchanges.

These transactions are verified on a decentralized network that provides the bitcoin community with a record of every transaction in the network.

The blockchain also serves as a public ledger of the network, which allows bitcoin to be recorded in a decentralized way.

The network also tracks the activity of a number of cryptocurrency trading platforms, including Coinbase and Bitstamp.

This blockchain data can be used to track how bitcoin is traded and the price of each cryptocurrency.

CoinMarketCap calculated that, in the six months ending in April, the cryptocurrency trading platform Bitstamps had received $18 million in bitcoin transactions.

It is worth noting that Bitstamping has a $20 million market cap, and it has a large portion of its revenue from its bitcoin trading platform.

Bitcoin Cash, an alternative cryptocurrency, is gaining in popularity among banks.

Its market cap is roughly $5 billion, and its market cap per coin has grown over the past year.

However, it still has a long way to go to be a serious competitor to bitcoin.

This is because the cryptocurrency is not fully decentralized and therefore cannot be used by any third party to conduct transactions.

For example, if one bitcoin exchange was to use the blockchain to settle a lawsuit with another bitcoin exchange, that third party would have to know which coins belonged to the plaintiff.

That would require the court to trust the exchange, which would mean that it would have a hard time knowing which coins were actually being traded by the defendants.

Furthermore, the fact that the blockchain data is public is problematic for bitcoin’s reputation, which has been tarnished by the theft of millions of dollars in bitcoins last year.

It’s unclear whether banks would trust a bitcoin exchange that was using the blockchain as a settlement system with the credibility of the Bitcoin community.

CoinCapital says that the use of cryptocurrencies as a legal settlement system is a “game changer” that could fundamentally change the way financial institutions transact.

The technology is already used in the real world, and the possibilities are endless.

The only problem is that it’s very difficult to implement.

CoinDesk is looking for ideas for how banks could use the technology in the future.