Why it’s smart to wear a VR headset on the ice

The NHL is going to trial a wearable technology that could help hockey players stay in control while playing.

The NHL announced Thursday that it is partnering with a Pittsburgh-based startup, Hololens, to develop a wearable that uses sensors and cameras to provide real-time, real-world feedback.

It will be used to measure and analyze performance on the power play, a shot, a goal, and in-game decisions.

The company will also work with NHL players to develop wearable devices for the ice, in the form of wristbands.

As part of the trial, NHL players will wear Hololans to wear during practices.

“As the game goes on and you get a better understanding of what your teammates are doing and what the game is telling you, you’ll see a real-life improvement in your game,” NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said in a news release.

“We believe the wearable will be a huge benefit for our players in the future.

We will continue to develop the technology to support the team, and we’ll keep everyone updated as it evolves.”

The NHL has been looking to develop its own wearable technology since at least 2015, when it launched the first wearable device, the Vixen.

Since then, the NHL has partnered with Nike to develop an in-ear device that has a microphone and a light-sensitive sensor that allows the wearer to read the temperature and pulse rate of the body temperature.

The NHL also has partnered up with the U.S. military and the Canadian military to develop more advanced wearable devices that will allow players to communicate directly with their teammates. 

A new wearable technology from Hololins that the NHL is developing is designed to help players stay focused during games.

It is the latest example of the NHL’s evolving strategy of building its own smart wearables to support its players, including a new wristband, a puck-tracking system, and a helmet-mounted video camera. 

HOLENS is working with the NHL to develop new technologies for the game.

The Hololense product will enable a player to stay in the game and stay focused, and it will also give players a way to keep an eye on the puck and the play at any time during the game, said Jason Wieser, CEO of Hololenses. 

“We’re going to be able to make these technology wearables that will be wearable, that will help us to stay on the edge of the game,” Wiese said.

“Our goal is to get this technology to the NHL players as soon as possible.”

The wearable technology will be built in partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguins, who will provide the technology.

The technology will also be used by the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers, according to a release.

The NHL has a history of experimenting with technology that helps players stay on top of the puck, which is something that it’s never really been able to do before.

Hololensing technology has been used on the NHL for years, and last year the league began testing a wearable device that allows players to stay up on the score sheet when they’re on the penalty kill.

That project is ongoing.