Zev Technology careers and career opportunities

Technology careers are now a hot topic for students across the globe, and in Ireland they are an area worth exploring further.

Zev is Ireland’s leading technology recruitment agency, offering a range of career options.

Students, employers and professionals can apply for Zev’s internship and employment opportunities in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick and Limerick Bay.

Zexer, the Irish version of LinkedIn, provides students with opportunities to apply to jobs and positions across the country.

You can apply to the company’s career and employment platform, and find out how to apply for internships, job openings and other opportunities.

ZebTech, a startup that develops new technology to help people with learning disabilities, is also recruiting in Ireland.

Zek, an app that lets students learn and connect with other learners, is working with the university to bring in students from all over the country for two-week courses.

Find out more about Zek’s Ireland internship opportunities.

The company is also hosting a tech conference at the Royal College of Nursing, and is also working to recruit from the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Zec, the technology consulting firm, is currently looking for a job at a technology firm in Ireland, and has a range for potential candidates to apply.

ZesTech, the company that makes smart devices for mobile phones, is looking to hire people with experience of developing mobile software.

Zefi, a Dublin-based company, is hiring Irish students for intern positions in Dublin.

Find more jobs in Ireland by visiting the Irish Job Centre.

Zellers, the leading supermarket chain in the UK and Ireland, is recruiting students in Ireland for the new Zellership app.

Students can apply on Zell’s website, and they can also apply online to the job centre for further information and advice.

Zillow, a US-based technology recruitment company, also provides job openings for Dubliners, with vacancies available from March 2019.

In addition, Zell offers a range to international students looking to work in Dublin for up to two weeks, and offers a variety of opportunities to work with clients.

Zemba, a London-based digital marketing company, has an internship program in Dublin available from April 2019.

Zeta, the Ireland-based social media marketing company that helps companies manage social media campaigns, is planning to recruit people from Ireland for one-month work projects.

Zest, the Dublin-listed digital advertising agency, is holding an event in Dublin on Tuesday, with a panel of Dublin- and London-listed companies, including the Dublin City Council and the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

It is looking for candidates with experience with social media and digital marketing.

Zogu, the largest mobile game developer in the world, is in the process of recruiting in Dublin from May 2019.

The event will take place at the Irish Centre of Innovation in the city centre, and the Dublin Chamber of Industry will be there to welcome the event.

The group is looking at candidates with strong business acumen, strong communications skills, a positive attitude, a good work ethic, and a good interest in the company.

Find the full list of job opportunities for Dublin, Ireland, on the Zogui website.